Motion Design School Cg Adventure 2020

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Ever dreamed of making animated movies or 3D cartoons? Discover the secrets of CG industry while creating your own animated masterpiece. This course was created by a team of professional artists to give you an insight into all stages of production from concept art to final render.

Why is this course so amazing?

If you are reading this, most probably you have been dreaming of creating an animation movie of your own. Or maybe you already are a CG professional in the industry. Anyway, this is a team effort. Behind any animation movie, there is a solid team of specialists working seamlessly together at all stages: from concept art and modeling to animation, effects, and rendering.

Obviously, a process as complex as this can’t be squeezed into a simple “How To”. So, instead of just giving you theory, we decided to go all-in and created a Full CG movie of our own to introduce you to the real workflow and to demonstrate it from a professional perspective.

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